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About the Streets of Hollywood
Suspense Series

Some of the Streets of Hollywood

Hollywood Boulevard, from the new Kodak Theater east to Gower Street, is for tourists. All the businesses there are tourist-oriented. East of that, Hollywood Boulevard is the main drag of an economic ghetto.

Sunset Boulevard is a street of businesses that serve either the local residents or the other local businesses.

Highland is a major artery to and from the Hollywood Freeway--itís always busy. So the businesses there are ones that require easy access, but are not geared toward residents.

Vine is more a street of memories from the days when radio was popular: the businesses are mostly older ones that have somehow managed to survive, without the announcerís voice intoning, ďFrom the corner of Sunset and Vine in Hollywood....

During the eleven years I was a pastor in West Hollywood, I became acutely aware of how much difference there is on the differing streets there.

It struck me that utilizing the different character of the streets in Hollywood would give me a broad field to create a setting that would be appropriate to the story I wanted to write.

Future books either in process or outlined, for this series, are:

The Convalescent Home on Cahuenga and

The Phony Friar on Fairfax.

The Burger Barn on Sunset

ISBN 1-58939-444-5

The Burger Barn on Sunset is now available in Paperback!

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or from your local independent bookseller.

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