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Yes, I know: you, as well as most other retail booksellers are reluctant to carry books published by a POD press. I donít blame you. Who wants to take the risk of tying up capital for a product that may or may not sell, and canít be returned? Particularly when the discount on most POD books is lower than what you can receive from a traditional publisher?

And yes, I know: THE BURGER BARN ON SUNSET is published by a POD press.

However, I have done everything I can to make this book a marketable product. It is published as a hardback novel. It will have a dust jacket. It is competitively priced at $25.95. And as an author, Iíd like to see my book in bookstores, and of course, sold!

Therefore, I make this special offer to you:

I have arranged with my publisher,, to offer my hardback book at a full forty percent (40%) discount--IF it is ordered through the publisher. (The alternative is that if the book you order through Ingram or Baker & Taylor, they will take 3/8 of that 40%, leaving you only with a 25% discount!) 

And I am making a further, personal offer to you:
Buy however many copies of THE BURGER BARN ON SUNSET you feel comfortable purchasing, by Clicking Here.

Keep the book(s) on your shelf for 120 days. If, at the end of 120 days you havenít been able to sell all the copies you purchased, email me through this website. Attach a copy of your invoice from to the email. I will then send you a RO number to put on the mailing label, and a mailing address to which you can return the unsold book(s) to me. I will personally reimburse you for the wholesale price you paid for the unsold book(s).

Why am I doing this? Because I am proud of the book Iíve written. I want it to be in bookstores, so that people can see the book, look at it, feel it, sample it, and buy it. I donít know any other way to overcome the ďPOD BookĒ stigma, justified as it is from a retailerís point of view, other than to offer you, the retailer, a way to obtain, sell, and return my book on the same basis that youíd get from a traditional publisher.

Thank you for considering my offer, and for carrying this book in your store.

Thomas H. Griffith

Available from

or from your local independent bookseller.

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By Thomas H. Griffith
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